Maserati Toronto Body Centre

Repair Your Car at our Auto Body Centre Serving Greater Toronto Area

No matter how hard you try. It’s nearly impossible to maintain your car’s spotless condition throughout many years on the road. Whether it’s from an accident or regular wear or tear, there’s no debating that daily driving takes a serious toll on your vehicle’s appearance and overall performance.

As a part of AWIN group, Maserati Toronto’s customers can repair their vehicles at AWIN Downtown Bodyshop which is located at 370 King Street East, Toronto, ON. M5A 1K9.

We co-operate with all insurance companies, but always put our clients first. We have the most up to date equipment, years of experience and expertise to ensure that every job is completed to your satisfaction. We can also arrange to have standard services performed while your car is in our care. We use only water based environmentally friendly paints in our refinishing process.

While your vehicle is in being repaired you may also need a rental car, we work closely with your insurance company’s rental agents to ensure seamless service. Our experienced staff is second to none and will provide professional service throughout the repair process.

We know that getting into an accident is a stressful experience for drivers. Drop off your car at AWIN Downtown Bodyshop and call us at 416-363-1688 or email us at to arrange your vehicle repair.